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An Eco-Manufacturing Factory

All our I’M SOLAR® solar cells and solar panels are manufactured in a factory designed with a modern patented architecture under the name L.I.G.H.T. Smart WING. This architecture saves up to 40% of the building's total energy consumption and protects the environment from the negative impact of the mass industry.

A reduced carbon footprint

0 impact on the environment: No gases or other harmful materials are emitted into the atmosphere. Our teams are committed every day to the protection of the environment by minimizing the impact of their activities. The technicians at our manufacturing plant in Lithuania are developing an environmental management approach.

eco responsible factory I'M Solar
energy efficient production
Energy efficient manufacturing

More than 60% of the total energy required for the manufacture of I'M SOLARⓇ cells and solar panels come from renewable energies. The 30.000m2 of our factory are heated by geothermal energy. The entire roof of the plant is equipped with our I'M SOLARⓇ solar panels. The electricity produced is 100% destined to feed the production line.

100% European production

All the raw materials we use for the manufacture of I'M SOLAR® solar panels come from either European suppliers or are manufactured directly in our factory. Our plant is thus close to end consumers and reduces the impact on the environment by a transport network always closer to you.

reliability and quality
Reliability and Quality

All our photovoltaic cells are carefully controlled, tested and selected to ensure the best performance for sustainable projects. I'M.SOLARⓇ engineers control all stages of solar panel production to control quality at every stage of production.

High performance cells

Thanks to a production line equipped with German production machines, our engineers are able to produce more than 12 different cell colors. This feature makes it possible to respond to a wide range of architectural solutions. The cell treatment yields 15% (color cell) and 18.5% (with PERC® technology).

Life at the factory

Committed to the energy transition +

I'M.SOLAR® is above all a team of engineers, technicians, logisticians, marketing and sales gathered around the same motivation: Promoting the energy transition.

We are committed to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource and available as long as the sun continues to shine. By manufacturing photovoltaic modules with high efficiency at particularly competitive prices we are committed to the energy transition.

At I'M.SOLAR®, all the actors involved in this change are involved in the life of the company, no major decision is taken without employees being consulted upstream. We place the human at the center of development, it is a fundamental value to which we are particularly attached.

The entire production line is located in Lithuania, which allows us to control the design, manufacture and testing of all photovoltaic cells. We work on this entire value chain: from the manufacture of silicon cells to their assembly through the control of the unit power, visual appearance of the cells and removal of defects. We equip both the private and industrial sectors.