Shipping and delivery with I’M.SOLARⓇ

1. What is the difference between shipping and delivery time?

The shipping time corresponds to the processing and preparation time of the products.

The delivery time corresponds to the time required by the carrier to send your package to the delivery address indicated.

2. Where can I track my order on I’M.SOLARⓇ?

You can track all changes to your order directly on your account in the "track my order" section. When your order is shipped, you receive by email and SMS a tracking number that allows you to track the delivery of your package.

3. What are the different delivery methods available?

All your packages are shipped and delivered by road transport via UPS or DASCHER.

All you have to do is select the service provider when you place your order.

4. What happens if I cannot make it at the time of delivery?

If you are absent at the time of delivery, don't worry, you will still be delivered your photovoltaic equipment.

When you place an order on the site, you can follow all the steps of shipping and delivery directly to your personal account. 

Once the package is shipped, you receive a tracking number by email and SMS. This tracking number allows you to track in real time the delivery of your package. 

At the time of delivery, the driver is required to contact you the day before to arrange the delivery. He must ensure that you will be available to receive the goods. Delivery will not be made if the carrier cannot reach you. The goods will be sent back to the nearest hub.

5. Why is it important to check my order with the carrier?

We strongly advise you to check the goods in the presence of the delivery person at the time of delivery.

In case of breakage during transport, you must notify the driver directly. This notification will allow us to apply the refund or exchange of the part free of charge.

If you do not notify the driver of the breakage, I'M.SOLARⓇ will not be able to refund or exchange the equipment.

6. How can I benefit from free shipping on I’M.SOLARⓇ?

All orders are shipped free of charge by I'M.SOLARⓇ. This applies regardless of the country of delivery in Europe and regardless of the total amount of the order. 

7. Are there any extra costs at delivery?

There are no additional costs except for orders to Switzerland. Everything is included in the transport costs. For orders delivered to Switzerland, the customer must pay Swiss VAT upon receipt of the order. Customs duties will be automatically calculated and are shown as the shipping costs in the shopping cart.

8. To which countries does I’M.SOLARⓇ ship orders?

I'M.SOLARⓇ ensures a fast delivery of your order in all countries of the European Union. We also ensure deliveries to the French Overseas Departments and Territories. For any delivery outside Europe, please contact us using our contact form.

9. What happens upon receipt of my payment?

Once your order has been validated by a payment, you will receive an order confirmation by email. We will inform you by email all the steps of your order.

On your account, you can track all order status changes. When your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number by SMS and Email that will allow you to track the delivery of your order.

On your account, a tracking button is displayed. Click on the tracking button, enter the tracking number sent by email, you will have access to real-time tracking of the delivery of your package.