The warranties offered by I’M.SOLARⓇ

1. What is the I’M.SAFE warranty?

The I'M.SAFE guarantee is a triple guarantee that gives you 3-way protection for your photovoltaic installation:

  • Quality guarantee: all I'M.SOLARⓇ products are covered by a manufacturer's guarantee. Thus you are protected against any manufacturing defect, quality defect and functional defect for a specific period of time depending on the products. Solar panels have a 12-year manufacturer's warranty, solar inverters and solar batteries have a 10-year warranty.
  • I'M.SOLARⓇ guarantees a linear performance of its products over the next 25 years. In order to guarantee the minimum loss and the maximum power on your entire photovoltaic installation, I'M.SOLARⓇ guarantees a small linear decrease in performance of only 0.7%w/year.
  • The serenity insurance protects your equipment against all mechanical and meteorological hazards. Insurance against theft, fire, glass breakage, and any weather event. This insurance is included in all professional orders. Private individuals can benefit from this insurance under the condition that they let a certified I'M.SOLARⓇ installer from our partner network install their equipment.
2. Who can benefit from the IM.SAFE warranty?

Everyone can benefit from the I'M.SAFE warranty. In concrete terms, here is how it works.

You are a private customer. There are 2 possibilities:

CASE 1 : an I'M. SOLAR® installer installed the equipment for you. You must register your installation on our website now. This registration validates the I'M.SAFE warranty. You benefit from the product guarantee, the linear performance guarantee and the durability guarantee at the installation date. You can declare the installation date in the online form. This solution allows you to benefit from the full I'M.SAFE warranty.

CASE 2: I installed the I'M.SOLAR® equipment myself You must also register your installation on our website. This registration allows you to validate the I'M.SAFE warranty without the serenity option. Indeed, this option cannot be applicable if the installation has not been installed or checked/accompanied by an I'M.SOLAR® installer and/or a partner installer.

You are a professional. There are 2 possibilities as well:

CASE 1 : You are an I'M.SOLAR® distributor. You can offer your installers/resellers the full I'M.SAFE warranty free of charge. After installing I'M. SOLAR® equipment, your installers have to register the installation on our website for the warranty to apply. The end customer can also register his installation himself.

CASE 2: You are an installer, you have installed I'M. SOLAR® products and you wish to validate the full I'M. SAFE warranty. You have to register your customer's installation on our website in order to confirm it starting from the installation date.

3. What is the procedure in case of damages?

You notice a loss of performance of our products? The linear decrease of solar panels is more important than expected? If your inverter or batteries are no longer working, send us an e-mail to indicating the cause of the damage, the date and a detailed description of the malfunction with photos. After examining the data provided, you will receive an e-mail with all the terms and conditions of coverage we can offer you. 

In case of a claim covered by the serenity insurance, please contact us by e-mail at providing us with a detailed description of the claim, the date of the claim and photos. The request will be processed by our services within 48 hours. After examining the data provided, you will receive an e-mail with the terms of payment the insurance company can offer you. 

4. What is the procedure to get money back under the I'M.SAFE warranty?

You noticed damages, a loss of performance of your solar panels or a problem with your inverters? Just send us an email to the following e-mail address indicating:

  • A detailled description of the defects with a detailed connection diagram and photos
  • The error codes if you see any
  • The product(s)'s serial number(s)
  • Your I'M.SOLAR® online access (for Internet monitoring)
  • The name and surname of the person who registered the guarantee
  • The duration of the defects

NB: Please try and send us ALL the information above in the same e-mail to speed up the processing procedure. 

5. How do I evaluate the damages in case of damage?

In case of damage to your photovoltaic installation resulting from a mechanical or meteorological hazard, the serenity guarantee applies (under certain conditions). In this case, the value of your installation is estimated by 2 experts who will determine the causes of the damage. You will be responsible for the costs of fees and expert opinions. The value of the compensation is determined by the actual value of the equipment - the value of debris and parts that may still be used. A deductible of €250 is applied to the entire installation (labour and repair costs can be deducted from this amount). If you are a victim of a loss within the first 12 months, the value of your installation is considered new. After 12 months, the age value is 20% per year with a maximum of 50%.

6. How long is the warranty on I’M.SOLARⓇ inverters?

The warranty period for I'M.SOLAR® solar inverters is 10 years. This manufacturer's warranty covers any manufacturing defect, quality defect or functional defect for the said period of time. The warranty period always begins on the date of invoice, whether the product was purchased on the I'M. SOLAR® online store or through our distributor/reseller network.

7. Can I return my order?

The French law concerning distance selling provides for a period of 14 days to exercise its right of withdrawal (in accordance with the Hamon law). This takes effect upon receipt of the order. This law only applies to orders placed by an individual. We ask you to make this request by email indicating the reasons for the return. Only unpacked and sealed packages will be considered.