Who can benefit from the IM.SAFE warranty?

Everyone can benefit from the I'M.SAFE warranty. In concrete terms, here is how it works.

You are a private customer. There are 2 possibilities:

CASE 1 : an I'M. SOLAR® installer installed the equipment for you. You must register your installation on our website now. This registration validates the I'M.SAFE warranty. You benefit from the product guarantee, the linear performance guarantee and the durability guarantee at the installation date. You can declare the installation date in the online form. This solution allows you to benefit from the full I'M.SAFE warranty.

CASE 2: I installed the I'M.SOLAR® equipment myself You must also register your installation on our website. This registration allows you to validate the I'M.SAFE warranty without the serenity option. Indeed, this option cannot be applicable if the installation has not been installed or checked/accompanied by an I'M.SOLAR® installer and/or a partner installer.

You are a professional. There are 2 possibilities as well:

CASE 1 : You are an I'M.SOLAR® distributor. You can offer your installers/resellers the full I'M.SAFE warranty free of charge. After installing I'M. SOLAR® equipment, your installers have to register the installation on our website for the warranty to apply. The end customer can also register his installation himself.

CASE 2: You are an installer, you have installed I'M. SOLAR® products and you wish to validate the full I'M. SAFE warranty. You have to register your customer's installation on our website in order to confirm it starting from the installation date.