What is the I’M.SAFE warranty?

The I'M.SAFE guarantee is a triple guarantee that gives you 3-way protection for your photovoltaic installation:

  • Quality guarantee: all I'M.SOLARⓇ products are covered by a manufacturer's guarantee. Thus you are protected against any manufacturing defect, quality defect and functional defect for a specific period of time depending on the products. Solar panels have a 12-year manufacturer's warranty, solar inverters and solar batteries have a 10-year warranty.
  • I'M.SOLARⓇ guarantees a linear performance of its products over the next 25 years. In order to guarantee the minimum loss and the maximum power on your entire photovoltaic installation, I'M.SOLARⓇ guarantees a small linear decrease in performance of only 0.7%w/year.
  • The serenity insurance protects your equipment against all mechanical and meteorological hazards. Insurance against theft, fire, glass breakage, and any weather event. This insurance is included in all professional orders. Private individuals can benefit from this insurance under the condition that they let a certified I'M.SOLARⓇ installer from our partner network install their equipment.