KOSTAL Inverter MP Plus 2.0-1

Its undisputed advantages

KOSTAL inverter 2.0-1
Internet supervision included and free
The KOSTAL MP Plus 2.0-1 inverter is equipped with Internet monitoring, which allows the solar panels to be checked at any time. The data is sent to KOSTAL servers and thanks to the application on mobile and tablet, you follow in real time the performance and performance of your solar installation.
Integrated battery management
The KOSTAL MP Plus 2.0-1 inverter has integrated battery management. You can connect the UPS input to either the solar panels or the batteries. In addition, by connecting the KOSTAL single-phase meter, you can regulate the output power of the inverter. You limit the power output so as not to inject the surplus.
Quick installation
The KOSTAL MP Plus 2.0-1 inverter is very light and fast to install. It is enough to connect on his ethernet to be able to parameter this one. Its light mass allows to install it to one person.
Single phase inverter
This KOSTAL inverter connects to the home with the single-phase connexion. 

Technical data

MPPT Range:
Start voltage:
Input current max:
Height x Length x Depth:
657 x 399 x 227mm
Efficiency max:
MPPT Tracker:
Single phase
Max. input power:
Internet connexion:
RS485 + Ethernet + USB
Warranty product:
7 years

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