Solax Inverter Mini 2.0

Its undisputed advantages

Solax Inverter Mini 2.0
High Efficiency 97.1%
The Solax Mini 2.0 inverter has one of the best efficiency on the market, even on partially shaded installations. Its wide range of voltage allows to produce electricity at any time of the day even in shaving sunshine (very early in the morning and late at night).
Wi-Fi supervision included and free of charge
The Solax Mini 2.0 inverter is equipped with WIFI Internet monitoring, which makes it possible to check the correct functioning of the solar panels at any time. The data is sent to our servers and thanks to the application on mobile and tablet, you follow in real time the performance and performance of your solar installation. 
Quick start
The Solax Mini 2.0 inverter is quick start-up. It has one of the lowest starting voltages in its class which allows to produce energy from the first rays of the sun. You optimize your production by 5%.
Single phase inverter
this Solax Mini 2.0 inverter connects at home with the single-phase.

Technical data

MPPT Range:
Start voltage:
Input current max:
Height x Length x Depth:
Efficiency max:
MPPT Tracker:
Single phase
Max. input power:
Internet connexion:
RS485 + Ethernet + USB + Wifi
Warranty product:
10 years

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