Responsible and controlled innovation

Our plant in Vilnius, Lithuania, manufactured high-end photovoltaic cells for 17 years. All solar panels are manufactured and assembled in the same production unit to have perfect control of our products. All our cells are rigorously controlled and tested. Those with the slightest defect are automatically excluded. All our solar panels have an irreproachable aesthetics combining strength and performance. All the raw materials we use for the manufacture of our I'M.SOLAR® solar panels come from either European suppliers or are manufactured directly in our factory.

Warranty I'm SAFE of I'M SOLAR
A modern and pioneering plant in photovoltaic modules in Central Europe

It is at this state-of-the-art plant that the entire I'M.SOLAR® range of solar panels, including I’M CONNECTED, one of the first connected solar panels, is manufactured and assembled. perfect supervision of its photovoltaic production.

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The largest cell factory in Central Europe

Our photovoltaic cell factory is specialized in polycrystalline and monocrystalline technology with a production capacity of more than 67MWc annually. With German manufacturing tools, our factory provides superior production quality to the market standard.

IM.SOLAR ®, more than a brand - a commitment

Responsible innovation

Our eco-citizen commitment is focused on innovation and sustainable development. At I'M.SOLARⓇ, we are committed to innovating around eco-responsible solutions. All our products are designed in the interest of serving the planet using materials that we can recycle. Our factory is a member of the PV cycle.

Give access to clean energy

We are committed to providing as many people as possible with clean energy, especially photovoltaic energy, all over the world. Our products are of high quality and always at reasonable rates.

Promote self-consumption

Producing and consuming one's own energy is the promise of self-consumption. Our photovoltaic solution responds to the Plug N 'play system (connect and install), all I'M.SOLARⓇ products are designed to work together to facilitate even more access to self-consumption.

Reduced carbon footprint

The solar modules designed by M. Solar® generate less carbon than the Asian design modules. Because the planet is not an inexhaustible source of resources, I'M.SOLARⓇ is committed to eco-responsible manufacturing!

Tested and standardized solar panel

Based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, I'M.SOLARⓇ benefit from all the certifications in force to guarantee these customers high-performance, high-quality solar panels with unequaled performance.

Finished product 100% European

Guaranteeing 100% European products is one of the main concerns of IM.SOLAR®. This is why R & D, production, marketing and marketing of products are exclusively in Europe. 

Promote the creation of employment in the European Union

 At I'M.SOLARⓇ we are also very attached to the creation of jobs in the European zone. We recruit the best people all over Europe, so we can be proud of the creation of hundreds of jobs both on the production line and in our offices (marketing, sales, etc.). 

We innovate everyday !

I'M CONNECTED solar panel

Our R & D laboratory is in close cooperation with leading scientific laboratories, universities, and high-tech companies around the world. Technical cooperation but also financial that allowed us to design 1'm.connected, one of the first panel connected to the internet individually.

I'M.SOLAR® is developing innovative products in order to give these customers the best of I'm.connected photovoltaic image thanks to its junction box allow a total independence of the solar panels between them 

Our innovation is forward-looking, using only technologies that are low in energy resources.

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