Secured payment

Secure payment at I'M.SOLAR®, You are in good hands!

Secure datas

Secure payment


To protect our customers from possible fraud, we have implemented several security levers including 3D secure VISA and MASTERCARD. When you place an order on I'M.SOLARⓇ, we make sure that you are the holder of the credit card. When paying, you receive a confirmation code by SMS. This code is sent by the card owner's bank.

As a security measure, payments are limited to €4,500. Beyond that, we recommend bank transfer.
Bank transfer is the safest payment method for all transactions.


Secure Pages


To strengthen transaction security, we have implemented the SSL protocol when you are on the payment page, the address of your page (called the URL) becomes HTTPS. The URL in HTTPS assures you that the data is encrypted and cannot be retrieved. You are therefore on a secure page.


Protection of confidential data


When you open an account on I'M.SOLARⓇ and you entrust us with your email address, your telephone number or your postal address, know that this data will remain with I'M.SOLARⓇ and that at no time will we resell it. to a third party company.

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