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Produce your own electricity and become independent. I'm SOLAR products offer you everything you need to set up an efficient photovoltaic system. Our high-end solar panels are the heart of your system.

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Store with a solar battery

Opt for reliability with our solar batteries. Store solar energy, reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a sustainable future. Discover our options today!

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Optimize your installation

Rely on our solar inverters for optimal performance. Transform solar energy into reliable electricity and save. Discover our options now!

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Simulate your installation

Use our simulator to design the ideal solar kit for your needs. Choose the panels, inverters and batteries that match your project. Get a tailor-made solar solution in just a few easy steps.

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Download our home automation application.

Optimize the use of your solar energy with our intuitive home automation application. Monitor solar production in real time, control your devices remotely and create smart scenarios that maximize your energy savings. Simplify your life while contributing to a more sustainable future with our solar management app.

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Jean-Claude's installation

"Here is my installation, located on sloping land of old vines. By having an electric car and an energy-intensive heat pump, thanks to this installation my electricity bill is practically zero."

Change of direction for Gérard

"I covered my entire roof with I'M SOLAR panels without storage for the moment. I am very happy with the results."

Installation with transparent I'M SOLAR panels

Our client Paul chose to install Bi-Face solar panels on his covered terrace as well as on his spa... The result is prettier!

Vertical installation

Andreas transformed his solar panels into an innovative fence. A perfect marriage between functionality and aesthetics.

Optimize your installation to produce and
consume your solar energy

Thanks to the I'M SOLAR application, you can manage your consumables linked to your I'M SOLAR solar panel production, and also manage the state of the batteries, to ensure the best energy performance of your home.
An ideal and efficient solution for your I'M SOLAR solar panels. The application is free to monitor your consumption in your home. Activate the subscription at €4.99/month to benefit from artificial intelligence which controls your home consumption and optimizes your solar production.

Easy management

Manage energy

Controlling the energy of your home

I'M SOLAR offers a fully connected solution with its application which allows you to manage your energy optimally. Nothing could be simpler, all the data is sent to your I'M SOLAR application and you control your energy, linked to solar production, the state of the batteries, your electric car charging.

  • Free app
  • Managing your consumption
  • Energy independence
A comprehensive approach

Self-consumption within reach

With I'M SOLAR, self-consumption with your solar panel has never been so simple. After installing your solar panels, you control solar production to supply consumers thanks to the I'M SOLAR application. A complete and digital solution unique in Europe to offer the most complete service.
Connect your solar panels to your electrical panel in your home and become energy independent thanks to the I'M SOLAR application.

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Solar panels

Our solar panels offer the best yields on the market with our monocrystalline cells using PERC and soon TOPCON technology. I'M SOLAR offers the most powerful solar panels on the market with a 30-year warranty.

Solar inverters

I'M SOLAR solar inverters offer intelligent management of your consumption and control your solar batteries in an optimized manner. Thanks to the I'M SOLAR application, artificial intelligence intervenes to determine the best energy solution to meet your needs and reduce your electricity bills.

Solar batteries

By combining solar batteries with our I'M SOLAR solar inverters, you benefit from a storage system to become independent during your long sunny days. In the evening, you can discharge your solar battery so that you no longer consume it via the electricity network.


Download our application which will allow you to manage your energy consumption in your home. Reduce your energy bills independently with the I'M SOLAR application.
Create scenarios and the application will control your electrical devices linked to the solar panels.


Thanks to our simulator, you benefit from a tailor-made solar kit depending on the available surface area. You can install a solar panel on the ground, on a flat roof, tiled roof, but we also have solutions on carports or garages. Our simulator is simple and offers an immediate response.

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