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Get inspired by I'M SOLAR solar panels on Facade

Yes... you can install your panels vertically!

Be inspired by our customer's solar installation! Andreas has transformed his solar panels into an innovative fence.
A perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics.
Find out how he rethought the use of solar energy and get inspired for your own creative energy projects.


more production

Thanks to bi-facial technology, you can produce 400W on the front and 80W on the rear.


I'M SOLAR bi-facial  Monocrystallin 480W



Solar system efficiency

The fence therefore supplies part of our customer's household electric consumption.

15 000

Total Savings

Over the next thirty years, Andrea will be able to save 15,000 euros or more. This amount takes into account the initial investment costs for the self-consuming solar panel system.

Would you also like to reduce your electricity bill?

Talk to our team and request a FREE, non-obligatory quote today.

Other examples of installations with I'M SOLAR glass-glass panels

Smart Energy System

To help you better understand how to optimise your energy consumption, we have created an I'M Solar connected application that allows you to control your electricity consumption: detect open doors or windows, control lighting to simulate a presence in the event of absence, control electrical appliances, manage the temperature.

All easily accessible from your smartphone.


* Currently compatible only with the Solax inverter, we are working on launching our own inverters with batteries in the near future to offer a complete solution under the I'M SOLAR brand.



What a photovoltaic system
can do for you

Before choosing a vertical solar installation, it is crucial to consider several important factors. Firstly, the optimal location of your building and the angle of exposure to the sun need to be carefully assessed to ensure maximum efficiency from the installation.

Like Andrea, you can opt for two-sided panels that capture sunlight from both sides, increasing energy efficiency.

  • Saving space: One of the main advantages of this method is that it saves space. Roofs can be cluttered, but vertical walls offer a new opportunity to harness solar energy without encroaching on valuable space.
  • Optimising sunlight: By mounting the solar panels vertically, you can maximise exposure to the sun throughout the day. The panels can follow the path of the sun, capturing more energy.
  • Improved aesthetics: The aesthetics of a vertical solar installation can also be an advantage. The panels can be integrated into the design of the building, creating a modern and environmentally friendly appearance.

Your own solar installation

Find out now how much you can save by installing solar panels on your roof or on the ground. Request a free, no-obligation quote from an I'M Solar partner today.

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