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I'm installer

Order your complete solar panels, inverter and battery kit from I'M SOLAR factory. Thanks to our simulator, you are able to order your complete kit and have a delivery directly on site. You benefit from a technical training and the latest updates of our software.

I'm distributor

By being I'M SOLAR distributor, you benefit from the best volume price on our site. In addition, we help you develop your business through marketing and sales tools. You are in close contact with our logistic department to ensure a delivery time of your orders from everywhere in your warehouses.

I'm house manufacturer

You want to offer a complete solution for photovoltaic self-consumption, we can answer your needs. With the I'M SOLAR simulator, you can obtain an answer to your new homes and meet new ecological laws. You get direct contact with your solar panels manufacturer.

I'm electrician

In order to offer a renewable energy solution to your customers, you can access a complete solution thanks to our simulator. Choose a delivered of your orders directly on site.

I'm an architect

I'M SOLAR solar panels offer an aesthetic solution which integrates perfectly into new house. In addition, you meet new ecological laws on new home construction. Combine aesthetics with ecological.

I'm a study office

Work directly with your solar panel manufacturer and have privileged access to our technical department to answer all your technical questions. You will have the possibility to answer most easily to the specifications of your customers.

I'm a real estate broker

You manage real estate or sell and / or purchase house, I'M SOLAR offers the possibility of responding favorably to requests from your customers who are moving towards self-consumption photovoltaic.

I'm a swimming pool reseller

The solar panels can power the pool motors. Get ahead of the competitors by offering I'M SOLAR solar panels with your pools. This ecological solution makes it possible to supply the motors of swimming pools without using grid electricity.

I'm a veranda manufacturer

I'M SOLAR bi-glass solar panels make it possible to offer an ecological and renewable solution to your verandas. Indeed, you replace the verandas glasses with I'M SOLAR bi-glass panels which integrate perfectly in the veranda structures. With a transparent background, you have a photovoltaic roof in the veranda.

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