A guarantee is not made to be used

For 17 years, our expertise in manufacturing solar panel is known and recognized. Thus we can claim the best performance and efficiency for all our products. In addition and to better protect all your projects, we offer the widest range of guarantees in the photovoltaic market: product warranty, linear performance guarantee and serenity guarantee. I'M.SAFE, it is a guarantee that ensures you and reassures.

Our quality warranty

All I'M.SOLAR® products benefit from the manufacturer's warranty. This manufacturer's warranty provides i'M.SOLAR® solar products against all manufacturing defects, quality defects and malfunctions for a specific period of time. The warranty is activated starting the I'M SOLAR® invoice date after made your on our online store. If you ordered through our Distributor / Reseller partner, its date invoice is ussed for starting warranty time.

Detail of product warranty periods:

  • Solar panels : 30 years
  • Solar inverters: 10 years
  • Solar batteries: 10 years

Our I'M.SOLAR® products are designed to work together for perfect compatibility. This eliminates all risks of malfunction and malfunction.

Our linear performance warranty

Solar panels exposed to the sun have a decrease in power as the years go by. In order to guarantee the minimum loss and the maximum power for all solar installations, I’M.SOLAR® guarantees a low linear performance decrease of only 0.3% / W every year. Knowing that we are one of the few manufacturers in Europe to produce our own photovoltaic cells and manufacture our solar panels, we guarantee the performance of our solar panels over 25 years, applicable every year.

Why such a linear warranty?

Competitor performance warranties range from 10 years to 25 years. This limited warranty can generally only be applied at the dates listed in either the tenth year or the twenty-fifth year. If you notice a loss of power outside these two dates, you will not be able to apply your performance guarantee.

I'M.SOLAR® is a pioneer in the manufacture of solar panels and thus ensures the best quality of its products on the market. Thanks to this, we offer a 25-year linear performance guarantee to help you reassure about the performance of the products you buy.

I'M SAFE warranty

The serenity warranty protects you against all mechanical and meteorological hazards. All I'm solar® panels benefit from this total and exclusive insurance. If a disaster occurs during the first year, the solar panels are 100% refunded.
The serenity warranty protects you against :

Mechanical risks

We assure you in case of damage related to mechanical incidents, electrical or break frames of solar panels.

Fire risks

The serenity warranty protects your solar panels in case of damage related to a total or partial fire, fire starts, explosion / implosion of your photovoltaic system.

Weather risks

The serenity warranty protects your solar panels against all events related to natural disasters such as hail, lightning, flood, snowfall...

The risk of theft

The serenity warranty protects your solar panels in case of theft or attempted theft as well as all the damages related to this infraction.

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