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Get inspired by I'M SOLAR solar panels on the ground

Almost €0 electricity bill thanks to solar energy!

"Here's my installation, located on a sloping plot of former vineyards.
With an electric car and an energy-hungry heat pump, thanks to this installation my electricity bill is practically zero."


Self Consumption

Almost all the energy Jean Claude needs for his home, in terms of electricity, heating and mobility, comes from solar energy.


Solar Panels

I'M SOLAR 350W Monocrystalline

10 with a 3 Kw inverter

16 with a 5 Kw inverter.

Installation of SolaX X1 FIT RETRO 5kW inverter with Triple Power 17.4kWh High Voltage battery.


Solar panel system performance

The solar installation will supply almost all the energy consumed by our customer's household, as well as his electric car and heat pump.

45 000

Total savings

Over the next thirty years, Jean Claude will be able to save €45,000 or more. This amount takes into account the initial investment costs for the self-consuming solar panel system.

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Smart Energy System

To help you better understand how to optimise your energy consumption, we have created an I'M Solar connected application that allows you to control your electricity consumption: detect open doors or windows, control lighting to simulate a presence in the event of absence, control electrical appliances, manage the temperature.

All easily accessible from your smartphone.


* Currently compatible only with the Solax inverter, we are working on launching our own inverters with batteries in the near future to offer a complete solution under the I'M SOLAR brand.



What a photovoltaic system
can do for you


Installing solar panels on sloping ground represents a significant challenge. For Jean Claude, his uneven terrain presented both a potential obstacle and an opportunity to optimise space. 


These solutions enabled Jean Claude to obtain a reliable and efficient installation, maximising the production of solar energy on his sloping site.


  • Optimising the space: Jean Claude chose an unexploited slope of former vineyards to install his solar panels.
  • More independence: A storage system is used here to maximise personal consumption of solar energy.
  • Positive impact: Jean Claude was able to generate enough electricity to cover his needs, including his electric car and his energy-hungry heat pump.
  • Almost zero electricity bill: Self-consumption of solar energy has reduced Jean Claude's electricity bill to an negligible level.

Your own solar installation

Find out now how much you can save by installing solar panels on your roof or on the ground. Request a free, no-obligation quote from an I'M Solar partner today.

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