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By purchasing your solar panels from us, you get a customized photovoltaic solution. Indeed, I 'M SOLAR is able to manufacture bi-glass panels allowing to settle in a standard veranda. We put the rear junction box on the edge of the solar panel. It is not necessary to put a frame in case. This technical solution offers you an ecological alternative. By taking standard dimensions of solar panel, that is about 1.6x1m, we offer you an extremely competitive price offer.

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Make customers happy

Because your happy customers will make us happy, we seek to satisfy you every day and meet your every need. I'M SOLAR is a European manufacturer of photovoltaic solutions. We work with our solar panel installers hand in hand.

The highest quality


Our solar panels are manufactured in Europe. In addition, we are European photovoltaic cell manufacturers. The biggest added value in a panel is the quality of the cells, which is why we produce our own photovoltaic cells. We offer one of the best quality. The quality of a solar panel is seen through the finish of our solar panels (alignment of the cells, uniform color, finish of the frames, anti-reflective glasses, ..) but above all thanks to a production of our solar panels superior to the competition . Our tests prove that our solar panels can produce up to 3% more. An impressive gain to optimize its installation of solar panels on future years.


Unbelievable prices


We are fully integrated solar panel manufacturer. We control the production of each component of our solar panels, which allows us to obtain cost optimization and thus offer you the lowest and competitive prices in the market, even in the face of Asian products.


Proven experience


We manufacture our solar panels since 1998, an experience that proves our know-how. In addition, we have implemented the most stringent standards ISO 9001, ISO140001 and ISO 500001. Our knowledge is also proven in the management of energy in the manufacture of solar panels. In fact, we use more than 60% of the energy needed to produce I'M SOLAR panels from renewable energy. Indeed, our roofs are completely covered with our solar panels to achieve self-consumption.


The warranty


We become one of the few European manufacturers to offer a 30-year warranty on our bi-glass solar panels with a performance guarantee of the same duration. Our quality tests prove that our solar panels have a decrease of only 6% after more than 30 years (extreme climatic tests carried out over 5000hours).
A wrranty is made not to be used!


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