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Inspire I'M SOLAR solar panels for your Carport

Solar installation on a carport

Does your car consume energy? Produce it on the roof of your garage!


Solar Carport: Shelter for your vehicles that generates green energy. Combine protection and sustainability in one choice!




Self Consumption

Thanks to his solar installation on his carport, Eric covers half of his electricity consumption.


12 monocrystalline 410w IM Solar panels.


Solar panel system performance

The high-efficiency solar system produces 20.41% more energy per nominal watt installed. 

25 000

Total Savings

Over the next thirty years, Eric will be able to save €25,000 or more. This amount takes into account the initial investment costs for the self-consuming solar panel system.

Would you also like to reduce your electricity bill?

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Other examples of installations with I'M SOLAR panels

Smart Energy System

To help you better understand how to optimise your energy consumption, we have created an I'M Solar connected application that allows you to control your electricity consumption: detect open doors or windows, control lighting to simulate a presence in the event of absence, control electrical appliances, manage the temperature.

All easily accessible from your smartphone.


* Currently compatible only with the Solax inverter, we are working on launching our own inverters with batteries in the near future to offer a complete solution under the I'M SOLAR brand.



What a photovoltaic system
can do for you

Solar panels offer an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution for generating energy. Whether you choose a roof-mounted, overhead or carport installation, solar power can contribute to a cleaner future while saving you money on your electricity bills. Take the time to choose a trusted installer and maintain your system, and you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of solar energy for many years to come.

  • Perfect for powering an electric car... from producer to consumer
  • Optimising space: installation on a carport or pergola is the ideal solution for small installations (1 to 6 panels).
  • Positive impact: Thanks to his carport, Eric generates some of the electricity he needs, and so reduces his electricity bill considerably.
  • An ecological choice: Solar energy offers more sustainable solutions to our growing energy needs..

Your own solar installation

Find out now how much you can save by installing solar panels on your roof or on the ground. Request a free, no-obligation quote from an I'M Solar partner today.

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