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I'M SOLAR single-phase Hybrid inverter HHS-3000

  • High voltage battery connection
  • Wifi internet supervision
  • Scalable installation
  • Integrated Consumable Management
  • Management of surplus injection
  • Management of network outage
  • Single-phase inverter
  • Free updates (OTA: Over The Air)
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Connection with high voltage battery
The I'M SOLAR Hybrid inverter HHS-3000 works with high voltage batteries. High voltage batteries allow high discharge power up to 3000W instantaneous. You can answer a high power electricity need via your solar batteries in the evening or in the morning, without using the electricity network.

Wifi Internet monitoring
The I'M SOLAR Hybrid Inverter is equipped with Internet WIFI supervision at any time. The data is sent to I'M SOLAR Cloud. Thanks to the application on mobile, you monitor in real time the performance of your solar installation.

Scalable installation
The I'M SOLAR hybrid inverter HHS-3000 is ideal for a first installation or for the evolution of an existing photovoltaic installation. You start the installation without batteries and add the PYLONTECH and BYD batteries per 5kWh module, and even increase the storage of these batteries according to your actual need. This inverter also works without solar panels. In this case, it is imperative to have batteries. This solution allows you to add a storage solution to your existing solar installation. You need 2 meters, one for the supervision of your first inverter (different brand) and second for supervision of your home consumption.

Integrated consumables management
The I'M SOLAR inverter is ideal for all photovoltaic installations dedicated to self-consumption. Electrical consumables are managed remotely through an application. Either we define an automatic strategy according to the production of solar panels or manually. (Example: programming washing cycles every day at 14h if the production of solar panels exceeds 500W).

Management of surplus injection
Smart Inverter I'M SOLAR regulates the power of solar panels to provide only the real need. Thus any export production are no longer re-injected into the electricity grid free.

Off grid management
This inverter works with or without a grid without any problems. This inverter is equipped with 2 outputs: a GRID output that works when there is a grid and an EPS output that works when there is no grid. This inverter switches to one or the other output automatically. The switchover is done in less than 10ms.

Single phase inverter
This I'M SOLAR inverter connects at home with the single-phase network but also on a phase of a house with three-phase connection. So you can make self-consumption with I'M SOLAR inverters.
Product Details

Data sheet

MPPT Range:80...520V
Start voltage:70V
Input current max:13A / 13A
Height x Length x Depth:425 x 351 x 160mm
Efficiency max:97.9%
MPPT Tracker:2
Injection:Single phase
Power output:3000W
Max. input power:4950W
Battery Type:Lithium
Charge and discharge power:3000W
Battery operating voltage:80...480V
Internet connexion:RS485 + Ethernet + USB + Wifi
Warranty product:10 years
Inverter type:Hybrid inverter
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We have set up a FREE solution to recover your old inverters, solar panels or solar batteries, whatever their brand, and we recycle them.

Do you want to replace your old solar panels? your inverter has broken down? or your solar battery no longer works? order your replacement I'M SOLAR product and we will take care of the recycling of your defective product FREE OF CHARGE.

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In order to continue in our renewable energy market, we have implemented this service for our customers. Using our natural resources and protecting the environment against pollution is essential at I'M SOLAR. This is why we offer our customers a 360° offer, from product manufacturing to recycling.

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