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Discover our solar panel kits to achieve self-consumption and reduce your electricity bills. At I'M SOLAR we offer you the opportunity to order your solar kit online to achieve self-consumption directly from a manufacturer. You can install these plug'n play solar kits yourself. In other words, you connect the I'M SOLAR solar panels to the micro-inverters. These I'M SOLAR micro-inverters convert the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current to power your home. Our solar kits come with a 20-year guarantee and are of the highest quality. Whether you install it on your tiled roof or on the ground, or even on a carport, we have the perfect solution for you.

The advantage of an I'M SOLAR solar kit: With a ready-to-install system, you'll save on your electricity bills because the solar kit produces electricity to power your home directly. When you switch on a light bulb, the energy taken is always the nearest source, in this case your I'M SOLAR solar panels. And then, if you need more, it will come from the grid. You considerably reduce your everyday expenses by producing your own electricity. Our solar kits are designed to maximise your energy yield and save you money from the very first year. You don't need an installer as they are designed to be easily installed. I'M SOLAR's Youtube channel explains how to install our solar kits.

What's more, our solar kits are easy to install, making them accessible to everyone. They are delivered with all the necessary materials for quick and easy installation. Whether you're a DIY beginner or an expert, you'll find clear, detailed instructions on our website or youtube channel to help you prepare for the installation of our I'M SOLAR solar kits.

We offer solutions for every type of installation, whether it's on the ground, the roof or even your carport.

- The Tile Roof Solar Kit is specially designed to fit perfectly on tiled roofs, guaranteeing a safe and aesthetic installation.

- The Ground solar kit is ideal for large open spaces or gardens. Thanks to our consoles, you can install the I'M SOLAR solar panels and fit them into each other so that they are perfectly aligned and facing the sun. What's more, these consoles offer great flexibility, as you can install them in portrait or landscape mode on the ground.

- Take advantage of your parking space to generate energy with our carport-mounted solar kits.

What's more, our I'M SOALR solar panels are made from top-quality materials to ensure optimum performance and long life, even in harsh weather conditions. The technology used is called bi-glass, which means that 2 sheets of glass encapsulate the photovoltaic cells. This technology is one of the most robust on the market. It is used by our customers who install our I'M SOLAR solar panels on marine buoys, the most difficult conditions for solar panels.

A team of experts at your disposal to advise you and answer all your questions before, during and after installation. And don't forget that delivery of your I'M SOLAR solar kits is free, everywhere and all the time. There are no surprises when you order. All our products are in stock, which means fast shipping and a tracking number. Visit our online shop now and discover our full range of solar kits. Become independent and turn your home into a source of electricity that can recharge your electric car, for example.

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