Your photovoltaic system 100% protected!

You are an individual

CASE 1 : an I'M.SOLAR installer installed me the photovoltaic material

You must register your installation from the online form on our I'M.SOLAR website. This quick and easy procedure validates the I'M.SAFE warranty. You benefit from the product warranty, the linear performance guarantee and the serenity guarantee at the date of installation.

CASE 2: I installed I'M.SOLAR equipment by myself

You must register your installation from the online form on our I'M.SOLAR website. This quick and easy procedure validates the I'M.SAFE guarantee without the serenity option. This option can only be applied if the installation has been installed or checked / accompanied by an installer I'M.SOLAR® and / or by a partner installer.

You are a professional

CASE 1: I am I'M.SOLAR distributor

You can offer at your installers / resellers a complete I'M SOLAR warranty. After installation of the I'M.SOLAR® equipment by your installer customers, they must imperatively register the guarantee on our online site to validate it. Registration can also be done by the end customer directly.

CASE 2: I am an installer I'M SOLAR

You have completed the installation of I I'M.SOLAR® products and you wish to validate the complete I'M.SAFE warranty, you must also register on our website the installation of your client to validate it.


You notice a disaster, a loss of performance of your solar panels or an incident on your inverters, just send us on the following address: :

  • the defects found,
  • a detailed diagram of the connection accompanied by photos,
  • possible error codes,
  • the product serial number (s),
  • I'M.SOLAR® Portal accesses (internet tracking),
  • the name and surname of the person registering the warranty,
  • the duration of the defect

To save time and declare the claim as soon as possible, we advise you to answer each of the points above.


The request is processed in priority by our customer service within a maximum of 24 working hours (Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm). This results in a management of the file. The processing of the file does not engage the M. Solar® on the resolution in this period because it can provoke an additional request for information, photos, or explanations. After validation of the defect, we commit to exchange and ship the new hardware to replace the defective product, within 48 hours.


As part of the serenity warranty, a more complete control will be carried out by an external agent. The agent undertakes to take the file under management within 5 working days. He will become your sole interlocutor to ensure a better follow-up. A specific file will be sent to you. You will have to fill this one with the justifying documents requested (complaint of flight, justification sinister weather, justification fire, etc). After validation of the file, the exchange process will be validated. I'M.SOLAR® will contact you to validate a delivery date. We can not commit to a delivery date as part of the serenity guarantee.
Ex: your house has caught fire and you want to enjoy the serenity guarantee. We will not send equipment if your house is not yet rebuilt.